Friday, August 28, 2015

House Ayers / House Lewis - Northern Virginia Wedding

Over a long weekend we made our way back to NoVA for the wedding of Suzanne and Shaun.  It was the perfect opportunity to see our other friends The Ellis' and The Theodore's for dinner on Friday night at House of Dynasty.

Then on Saturday morning we went to brunch at Jackson 20 in Old Town Alexandria.  Max and I had been here for dinner before, but never brunch.  Man, we were missing out.  The brunch was very reasonably priced and the mimosa's were perfect!  The other nice thing about going back to VA was that I didn't really have to drive so I was able to take fun selfies in the back of the car as Paul or Max drove (see below).
Selfie on the way to brunch at Jackson 20
After brunch we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.  I got this really awesome dress from Nordstrom Rack last year that I haven't had the chance to wear yet so I was pretty excited to get to wear it.  I didn't really get any great full length photos, but you can see how pretty it is.  It is knee/cocktail length.

As, our friends got married on base at Fort Belvoir so that was really neat as well as I've never been on a military base.

On the bus headed to the wedding on base at Fort Belvoir
The bride and groom requested no photos during the ceremony so I don't have any of them in the church, but it was a beautiful ceremony that was filled with love.
Outside the church after the ceremony

Next we jumped back on the bus and were taken over to the Officer's Club on base.  I mean WOW this place was just gorgeous!  During cocktail hour we gathered in a room filled with crests on the walls and selfie sticks on the tables (YES)!!

We thoroughly enjoyed the selfie sticks
I should also mention that the wedding had a subtle Game of Thrones theme.  During cocktail hour I saw these gems!  They took the books Game of Thrones is based on and had the pages folded to spell out their last names and the date of the wedding.  So very cool!!
House Ayers & House Lewis
Here they are cutting the cake and next to them is a sample of the photo shopped photos we found framed during cocktail hour.  These two have the best sense of humor and we are so lucky to have such grounded friends that remind us that humor is key to everything.  Also, check out that view of the Potomac behind the cake...gorgeous!
Simply Dashing
Here are a couple group photos from the evening.  This wedding was very fun and Max and I had our fair share of time on the dance floor.  Growing up I was a bit of a wall flower, but Max is my dancing fool of a husband so he forces me to get out of my comfort zone and it's always for the best.

Two of our favorites Theresa and Jerry

Selfie stick action with the flower girl and the groom
Last, but certainly not least, we were able to meet up with Justin and Heather for brunch on Sunday before we headed back to TX.

Ted's Bulletin Brunch in Merrifield, VA
This was certainly a whirlwind trip, but we would never have it any other way!