Thursday, June 18, 2015

Magical Beach Bachelorettte Party!

As I mentioned in my previous post this past weekend I was in Orlando, FL & Naples, FL celebrating my friend Heather's bachelorette.  When she got engaged she said she'd like to go to Universal Studios and check out Happy Potter World...of course being the nerd that I am I was completely on board with this!  This idea blossomed into a weekend in Florida with Friday spent at the park and then driving 3 hours to Naples, FL where her Mom graciously let us stay at the family condo.

There were 6 of us at the park and then 5 more joined us at the condo in Naples.  We had so much fun and Heather swears up and down she had a great time so I think the final fling before the ring was successful!

Side note: I would totally be fine making this a girls trip every couple of years...hint, hint.

With the Conductor in Hogmeade
With the pretty bachelorette

Fun on the beach

Drinks with the bachelorette and her sister

I think the drink matches your eyes Heather!

So mysterious.....

Group Shot!

Last but not least our farewell photo...I will definitely be back!

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