Friday, April 17, 2015

Bucket List Achievement

I ran a Marathon...I RAN A MARATHON - It is mind boggling to me that I actually did it.

I was always that runner that said, "26.2 miles is meant for a car not my legs."

Last year a friend of mine, Jess, asked if I wanted to do the Reston Half Marathon.  At the time I wasn't really thinking about running a race, but then a few weeks later I fell and broke my right hand so I couldn't do anything in the gym but run.  I figured if that's what I was going to be doing until my hand was better I might as well have something to train for; instead of signing up for the Reston Half I thought, "this would be my 4th half I might as well just do the full marathon."

So I trained inside because winter was brutal here and training on a treadmill stinks.  No matter how much to try to train for hills it just doesn't work.

Jess and I ran the first part of the race together and split around mile 7.  I felt really good until about mile 15 where I hit the proverbial "wall." I was questioning my life choices and thinking I should have just stopped at the half, but I pushed on because I don't quit...ever.  No matter how crappy a situation is I was taught that you don't quit so I didn't.

It also helped that I had wonderful, amazing friends chasing me around the course in a truck yelling lots of encouragement. (Thank you Max, DJ, Heather, Millie & Jess {when she finished the half}).

Crossing that finish line was definitely a proud moment for me.  I swore right then and there I would never do another Marathon, but as time has eased my soreness I'm starting to think I'd like to do another one just to beat my time (always a competitor).

If you have been thinking about doing something you swore you never it!  The Marathon was a challenge, but it was one I would definitely do again if given the choice.

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